Story Contracting launch Innovation Working Group

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Story Contracting launch Innovation Working Group

To ensure Story Contracting continues to be a key supplier to our client base, it is essential we continue look at smarter and better ways to deliver efficient and quality products.

As the industry develops we would like to be at the forefront of innovation; whether that be a new product or an existing one that has been developed by a Small/Medium Enterprise (SME), we want to identify and develop ideas which will give us the edge or make our works safer.

To assist this, we have set up a dedicated Innovation Working Group, with representatives from all of our business units who will review and assess the viability of the ideas on a monthly basis against key criteria to determine if we take them forward.

Below shows how the group will function:

The ultimate goal is to ensure Story Contracting is at the forefront of Industry Development and we continue to deliver safer, faster and better for our client partners.

If you have developed an idea, a product or equipment that can offer a safer, more productive or greener way to deliver civil engineering and construction works we want to hear from you. Please send your ideas along with your contact details to

Safe contractor approved

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