Story Contracting welcome the successful Story Ten to its Summer School

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Story Contracting welcome the successful Story Ten to its Summer School

As part of our commitment to invest in the next generation, we have launched a one of a kind, virtual work experience programme for young adults across the UK. To ensure no students miss out due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted our work experience programme to become a week-long virtual business masterclass.

The ‘One of Ten Story Summer School’ programme was open to 15-18-year-olds across Scotland, Yorkshire, West Midlands, Lancashire and Cumbria. We received a number of stand out applicants from across the country, hear more below from our chosen ten who grabbed our atTENtion…

Jay, 16, York

“I am most looking forward to learning about Finance, HR and Marketing & Communications as it will develop my understanding of business, as well as my employability skills.”

Daniel, 17, Glasgow

“I hope that this amazing opportunity to work with and learn from the experts at Story will give me an insight into a future career in Civil Engineering.”

Oliver, 17, Carlisle

“Work experience at Story Contracting will give me valuable insight to the world of work, in a field I’m considering to study at a higher level education. I believe it will also give me better skills whilst completing my A-Level studies next year. I’m really grateful to have this opportunity to experience the Story Summer School.”

Morgan, 17, Cleethorpes

“I look forward to getting to work with a group of professionals which will help me develop my understanding of the sector and enable me to apply my knowledge to a working environment.”

Ben, 17, Glasgow

“I’m hoping this week of learning at Story will give me an understanding and a platform to base my future off. This opportunity will enable me to have a real insight on not only the engineering side of the company, but also the various functions of a business. It seems like a very good course and hopefully I can soak up as much of the information that’s given to me as possible.”

Evie, 15, Whitehaven

“I’m looking forward to the week so that I can learn about different areas of work.”

Ella, 18, Wigton

“I’m really looking forward to learning more about the industry and the different departments.”

Kyle, 17, Holytown

“I have a keen interest in how all the departments and everyone internally and externally operate within a business, and I am hoping to learn that with this business master class provided by Story, I also want to learn how to use leadership and teamwork skills and how to use my skills to help my team. I would also like to learn more about Story and have a deeper understanding of what the job entails.”

Matthew, 17, Carlisle

“I want to gain a better understanding of a working business to give my business and economics A-levels some real life context.”

Matthew, 16, York

“I hope by the end of the Story Summer School I will have developed my understanding of the contracting sector and further my knowledge of how a large business functions.”

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