We aim to create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable regardless of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation. We do this by eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity among our workforce. As part of this commitment, we have developed an ‘Every
Story’ working group to actively promote equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the business.

We are committed to promoting sustainable and inclusive employment opportunities and we continue to build a skilled and diverse pipeline of talent through:

  • Embedding our Equality and Diversity policy and principles across all business systems and processes.
  • Delivering inclusivity training to all staff.
  • Monitoring and continuously improving workforce diversity to ensure we remain an employer of choice.
  • Undertaking community mapping to understand local needs, working closely with all stakeholders particularly local authorities, schools, business groups and residents. This will inform our community outreach activities, as part of supporting new and existing entrants into rail infrastructure careers.
  • Engaging existing Skills, Education and Employment (SEE) infrastructure to assess and reach the full talent pool available.

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As part of our pledge to eliminate discrimination and encourage diversity among our workforce, we have an ‘Every Story’ working group to ensure all employees have a voice within the company and a space to talk about Diversity and Inclusion. Alongside Every Story we also encourage local events which promote Diversity and Inclusion, and we ensure all employees are supportive and feel comfortable to challenge unacceptable behaviour.

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As part of our commitment to promoting and fostering diversity and
inclusion, we sponsor the Cumbria Culture Bazaar Festival on an annual
basis. We also provide pre-event support whilst also attending the two day event, hosting a stall at the festival to offer information on careers in the Construction and Rail industries, as well as setting a bridge-building STEM challenge for children at the event to promote the basic skills of engineering.

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We proudly support LGBTQI+ and Pride events in our operating areas to show our commitment to supporting the LGBTQI+ communities across the country. As part of the company’s pledge to eliminate discrimination and encourage Diversity, Respect, and Inclusion, we sponsor events including Cumbria Pride. Annually the Story team help set up the event and host a stall to raise money for LGBTQI+ charities.

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We recently signed the Women in Rail and Railway Industry Association’s ‘EDI Charter’, demonstrating our intention to help build a more modern railway sector representative of a modern UK. Key pledges within the Charter include the appointment of an EDI Champion within Story’s Senior Leadership Team, and the provision of Diversity and Inclusion training and education opportunities to employees.

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We are committed to reducing the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health by developing a culture where employees feel able to talk openly about their mental health and wellbeing. We have a charity partnership with mental health charities Mind and the Scottish Association of Mental Health and have trained over 100 employees as Mental Health First Aiders.

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