Story Contracting’s background is as an SME. We therefore have an inherent understanding of the value that SME organisations can bring to our supply chain and the wider industry. We support SMEs in numerous ways:

• Seek out SMEs amongst potential suppliers.
• Encourage our teams to utilise locally based SMEs on projects where possible within geographical restraints.
• Encourage and support local SMEs who are considering entering the market or developing their business.
• Look for investment opportunities within SMEs to help them expand capability and capacity.
• Work with SMEs to understand their business drivers so that we can align workload opportunities.

As a result of our commitment to invest in the supply chain, over 60% of our supplier spend is with SMEs. We also work with our Supply Chain Partners to ensure our standards for health and safety, equality, diversity and inclusion, and social value are mirrored.

We work closely with our supply chain to firstly educate them on the importance, and secondly, how we embed them into their contracts and the way they deliver works on behalf of Story.

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In 2022 we launched a brand-new scheme, Story Start Up, to create new opportunities for entrepreneurship, help organisations to grow, enable new business creation and support economic growth. The initiative offers support in varying forms, from direct investment, a loan/grant or business advice and mentoring. So far this year, we have given advice and mentoring to over 20 SME’s and charities, and invested directly in innovative projects and schemes.

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To maintain our reputation for delivery and continue our sustainable growth, it’s critical that our supply chain partners share our principles, and engage with us collaboratively to help deliver quality, value, sustainability and safety for our clients.

We created the Supply Chain Charter as part of our aim to build collaborative working relationships throughout our Supply Chain, with all parties signing up to principles that are mutually beneficial to help drive collaborative and rewarding relationships.

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Story regularly hosts Supply Chain Health and Safety Forums, where suppliers are invited to share their own initiatives and learn from each other. The suppliers take part in workshops where commitments to improve health, safety and sustainability performance are made and successes achieved are celebrated.

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We are the first contractors to have backed the Work Pipeline Visibility Charter, demonstrating our commitment to share work pipeline information with our suppliers. This allows our Supply Chain to plan and invest with confidence, driving improvements in productivity, collaboration, and delivery of outcomes.

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Throughout the pandemic, Story continued to support and invest in our local supply chain, implementing improved payment terms, issuing Key Worker documentation, accommodation support and health and safety advice. All of which allowed them to continue working throughout the lockdown period for the ongoing financial health of their businesses.

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We helped VCSE Rebuild (circular economy social enterprise) move to a bigger, more secure, facility through 250 hours of volunteering from Story and our Supply Chain Partner Sunbelt Rentals. This allowed them to improve efficiency, stock more materials, and expand their offering. As a result, Rebuild were able to recruit two more FTE, further reducing the amount of construction waste and creating a bigger impact in the community.

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