Story complete Dalton drainage works

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Story complete Dalton drainage works

Recent works at Dalton drainage involved replacing existing foul water drainage which was damaged and contaminating the main. 82 metres of the Up Main was removed to allow removal of the contaminated ballast. The drainage was re-routed to connect to a new UTX which connected back to the existing drainage further downstream in adjacent land. The section of track had an existing Temporary Speed Restriction due to cyclic top which has now been cleared allowing the line to return to normal line speed.

Well done to the project team for delivering these works, particularly the site team who worked over the core weekend to remove the contaminated ballast. The drainage team have received praise over recent weeks from the drainage RAM:

“Recently completed track and off-track drainage improvements at Barrow and Drigg on the Cumbrian coast are contributing substantially to improvements in track quality.  Effective, well maintained drainage brings substantial savings through reductions in track maintenance activities, extended track and formation life and a reduction in abortive track renewals.  We shall be monitoring the performance of this and other drainage improvement sites to demonstrate the benefit brought by good asset management practices.” – Julian Harms, Drainage RAM, Network Rail

During the works

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After completion of the works

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Safe contractor approved

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