Network Rail




Tebay, Cumbria


4 months

The engineering works undertaken involves:

  • De-vegetation of the rock cutting
  • Light and heavy scaling of the rock cutting


  • Installation rock dowels
  • Installation spray concrete buttress and dentitions
  • Installation of rock fall netting

The project team were able to utilise four existing disruptive possessions of the railway for structure and track works to provide a more efficient delivery and allow the engineering train movements for other schemes in the area. The main focus of the four weekends was to install all the rock anchors and dowels which had to be installed using road rail vehicles. This resulted in greater productivity as the machines did not have to be moved on and off the track between shifts.

All of the de-vegetation was carried out during these weekends, before the spray concrete and installation of the rock fall netting were completed in the follow up Saturday night possession with the netting prepared and top anchors installed during midweek day shift working.

The use of advance light scaling works and the LiDAR laser surveys allowed detailed inspection to be carried out.

This assisted in developing a robust design prior to the de-veg and scaling works being carried out, reducing design changes on site.

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