Network Rail




Harrow, London


11 weeks

The aim of the project was to replace the existing two span wrought iron footbridge with a new single span aluminium footbridge. Works included:

  • Breakdown of existing wingwalls and reducing abutments
  • Removal of existing bridge deck, parapet and ancillaries
  • Construction of new substructure for the abutment extensions using bored piles
  • Construction of new cast in-situ concrete abutment extensions to both abutments
  • Installation of new PCC cill units onto new abutment extensions
  • Installation of new aluminium superstructure manufactured by Glück GmbH
  • Follow up works (rebuild brick parapets, complete structural drainage, install new access steps and reinstatement of approaches)

The project was originally planned to be undertaken by another contractor who had delivered the design, however had failed to deliver the project on multiple occasions. Story Contracting were then contacted in March 2018 to tender for the project. The project team developed a new methodology, for example the use of Kirow Rail Cranes over mobile cranes, to deliver a project which could not be delivered by other contractors.

The contract was awarded in May 2018, starting on site in July thus dictating a quick turnaround. Story Contracting met the challenge of a short planning phase by engaging with suppliers and third parties quickly and effectively, utilising previous experience and local contacts.

The project was able to celebrate success and demonstrated best practice within the following areas:

  • Delivered a high-profile project where other contractors had previously been unsuccessful
  • The involvement of experienced specialist contractors ensured that the knowledge and equipment was available to undertake the work safely and to a high standard
  • Early and effective consultation with Harrow Council ensured a good working relationship
  • Management of unforeseen change was proactive, resulting in additional works not affecting original completion date

3no. 54-hour

33m single span footbridge
 installed in single lift

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