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Cluttons LLP



The scope of the project was to design and implement the following works to both stores:

  • Completion of concrete pours to create flood walls to a height of 3 metres
  • Installation of all flood doors, dam boards and gates
  • Installation of WaStop non-return valves to the property’s drainage system
  • Installation of small pump and sump locations
  • Development of a temporary works system which utilised the brickwork as a shutter as an alternative to traditional timber shutters
  • Development of access methodology to pour the 3 metre high wall to the south elevation due to limited access

The flood walls to each elevation were constructed through a process of installing the brickwork in 1m lifts, along with 6mm steel bar reinforcement. After being left to cure, the team then mass filled the wall with concrete, repeating this step 3 times to each elevation in order to safely achieve the full 3m flood wall height.

Our project team were able to use our established relationship with Cluttons to work in close collaboration with their team. This ensured that any challenges were resolved quickly and efficiently so that the project was successfully completed within the agreed programme.

The project was able to celebrate success and demonstrated best practice within the following areas:

  • Early consultation with AL Daines regarding the brick shutter to Wickes
  • Early Contractor involvement allowed sample panels to be built, tested and demolished before the contracted works commenced, allowing time to be saved on the programme itself
  • Management of unforeseen change was proactive, resulting in additional works not affecting the original completion date

Starter Bars installed to the foundations

Bricks & blocks used to construct flood defence walls

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