Network Rail




Dumfries & Galloway

Principle Designer


The scope of the project was to design and implement
the following works:

  • Installation of TWs prior to the disruptive Blockade
  • Removal of existing structure.
  • Installation of Precast Concrete Cills and a New
    Steel U-Deck.
  • Installation of precast ballast retention units.
  • On completion of the structure installation,
    backfiling works and the welding and stressing
    of the track were carried out, and a tamper
    completed the lining and levelling of the track.
  • Temporary Works design to allow works to be
    carried out safely.
  • Methodologies developed to enable works to take
    place in close proximity to the railway utilising
    both RoTR and a disruptive possession.

To allow us to celebrate success:

  • Early consultation with the local council and close
    residents resulted in good community relations.
  • Weekly meetings with the client resulted in good
    communication and understanding of the works.
  • Proactively managing unforeseen delays enabling
    us to maintain our original completion date.
  • Working efficiently with all associates involved as a
    team throughout out the project.

Prior to any works commencing we issued letters to
all the residents in the surrounding area, detailing the
works that would be carried out and their importance
in improving the existing road over the railway. The
locals were therefore aware of why we were there and
how long for – an important factor as the road had
to be closed permanently for a period of time and a
diversion put in place.

During the unprecedented times of the COVID-19
pandemic, extreme measures were put into place in
order to reduce any chance of spreading the virus.

1 no 54 hr

disruptive blockade

750 t crane

utilised for lifting

Thanks all for a job well done under very challenging external circumstances.

Allison Flanagan, Scheme Project Manager

Scotland's Railway

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