Network Rail & North Lanarkshire Council



The scope of the project was to design and implement the following works:

  • Vegetation clearance of all work areas
  • Create access road from enterprise way to compound area
  • Create compound area & set up compound
  • Create access road to laydown area & casting yard
  • Create laydown area & casting yard
  • Install drainage to access road & casting yard
  • Install dewatering system for casting yard
  • Staged casting of new bridge structure
  • Partial demolition and full infill of adjacent UB 031/014
  • Track side temporary works
  • Disruptive works including:
  • Diversion of existing S&T, raising of the OLE & removal of P-Way
  • Bulk earthworks
  • New structure installation
  • Partial demolition and full infill of adjacent UB 031/014
  • Reinstatement of S&T, OLE & P-Way

During the design & delivery stages of our project, we identified and implemented the following value engineering and efficiency ideas:
• Following the installation of the main portal frame structure, 11,000 Tonnes of structural backfill was required. By carrying out the series of tests and comparing the results, confirmation by the permanent works designer allowed layers of 500mm to be placed and compacted using 8 passes of a 13T. This saved approx. 4-5 hours in the overall programme and had cost savings due to removing the requirement for testing.

• To minimise the risk of an OLE strike due to height restrictions, it was agreed dozers would be used to push the material rather than risking excavators slewing and potentially damaging the OLE infrastructure.
• A Feasability Report was conducted and from there is was agreed upon that the OLE wires should be raised on the existing structure; and the assembly of the new OLE portal structure off-track. Once the new underbridge was in place the off-track crane was able to land the new OLE portal structure in its entirety. This reduced OLE on-track construction works during the blockade.

Throughout the duration of the project, the team have delivered a number of meaningful social value initiatives within the local area as part of our Community Benefits commitments with North Lanarkshire Council. This has included working closely with Developing the Young Workforce to deliver industry taster days and over 400-hours of work experience on the live construction site, created a bespoke training programme and delivered 100 hours of work experience.

To help us deliver this monumental scheme, we heavily relied on our specialist supply chain partners from an early stage at tender. There are many to mention, but our main specialist supply chain partner would be Sarens, who were responsible to transporting the 5000T structure into position using Self Propelled Modular Transporters.

Concrete structure

Material excavated for the new structure

Of social value delivered

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