Network Rail


Circa £500k


Bombo Burn

The scope of the works involved:

  • Site Mobilisation & Establishment Works
  • Installation of & Removal of Temporary Damming System
  • Excavation & Profiling of Riverbed
  • Installation of Reinforced Concrete Invert
  • Installation of Rip Rap
  • De-vegetation of Structure & Masonry repairs
  • Demobilisation & Reinstatement Works

The project was able to celebrate success
and demonstrated best practice within the
following areas:

  • Completion of works within programme, budget
    and with no accidents or incidents within a
    logistically challenging location.
  • The use of an effective over pumping damming
    solution to maximise productivity whilst
    maintaining a robust method of safe working
    around the structure with no disruption to rail
  • The revision of design levels to mitigate any risk
    which may be present of implementing works given
    the shallow foundations present supporting the
  • The creation of a complete dry working area for an
    effective and prolonged period to allow concrete
    works to take place.
  • The success of delivering the project whilst adapting
    to working within the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • The safe and efficient delivery of the whole works
    package during challenging weather and water level


Our project team worked in close collaboration with NWR,
environmental agencies and designers to ensure various
specialist works could be completed within the allocated time
frame for working within the watercourse, with solutions
such as an effective temporary damming system & ensuring
the works did not jeopardise the shallow foundations present
supporting the structure.

Our project team also effectively planned works and used an
innovative technology to enable the works to be planned and
implemented successfully in ever changing weather and water
level conditions

Circa 200t 

Rip Rap installed

Circa 90 m3 

concrete poured

I would like to express my thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in this project. The client organisation is delighted with the successful delivery and very happy with the final product. We recognise that the timescales and the severe weather were extremely difficult to contend with and it is commendable that the scope has been achieved to such a high level of quality despite the significant challenges. I don’t need to re-emphasise the importance of scour protection schemes to the ongoing management of railway assets so I will simply say well done and excellent work.

Michael McArthur

Project Manager, Capital Delivery, Scotland's Railway

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