Network Rail



Story were able to successfully prepare, fabricate and build 2no. brand new structures for the client, in readiness for the delivery during a single 100hr OROR railway possession window.

Early contractor involvement allowed for the scheme to be reviewed and developed in detail from an early stage.


The early identification and availability of large working areas allowed for unrestricted planning of the correct use.

The project to build two brand new underbridges on the Chiltern railway line involved:

  • Closing the railway for a total of 100 hours to drive the underbridges underneath the line
    Trial lifts of the structures took place 2 weeks in advance
  • 21,000 tonnes of earth were moved during railway closure to make way for the new underbridges
  • 6,500 tonnes of back fill material was used once they are in position
  • A Mammoet self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) safely drove the two underbridges into place
  • Temporary propping supported both structures while they were installed

To celebrate the completion of the work, and as part of Story’s commitment to being a good neighbour, a volunteering day was held at Bicester North Station.

This involved a group of 30 people from Story, Network Rail and Bicester Green Gym weeding, tidying and planting at the station to create brand new planters and revamp the green space for passengers and the local community to enjoy.

combined weight of structures

of Earth moved on site

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