Colmar T10000 RRV Crane w/ Triple Extending Boom

Story’s Colmar T10000 Road Rail Crane is one of the only machines of its type available for work in the UK after the completion of a bespoke conversion programme to turn the machine into a hybrid Crane/RRV.

In crane mode, the machine boasts an 11.2m extendable boom and is able to carry out a wide variety of lift and carry duties on rail. With no requirement to deploy jack legs, there is no need for the machine to establish ground pressure bearing ratings when working in rail mode, allowing the crane to operate from a smaller ground base.

Following completion of lifting or carrying duties, the machine can revert to RRV mode and is compatible with a wide range of attachments.

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Max. Working Radius

11.2 metres

Max. Working Gradient


Max. Working Cant


Total Weight


Max. Towed Load


Adjacent Line Open Working


Working under Overhead Line Equipment


Certificate of Engineering Acceptance

1109-28 - Certificate of Engineering Acceptance

GKD Planner

1109-28 GKD Planner
Safe contractor approved

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