Emergency Services



Doing it right

Following on from the site visit it was decided it would be a good opportunity to undertake a training exercise whilst the railway line was closed, which was arranged with HART and the Fire Search and Rescues team.

Going underground

The joint exercise at Mersey loop involved the emergency services using the main shaft to lower the team over 40 metres onto the railway line, to then attend to two staged casualties on the track.

23 Emergency Services
persons attended the exercise

Team lowered 40 metres
into the Liverpool tunnel

Rail Testimonial – Mersey Loop Emergency Training

Training is an important part of our preparation to deal with Emergency incidents, to be offered the opportunity to train in a location such as the Mersey Rail tunnels is invaluable. The scenario was planned so that we needed a joint Emergency Service response, this tested the JESIP (joint emergency service interoperability programme) principles to good effect. The Emergency responders involved with the training appreciated the use of the site which made for a very realistic training exercise.

Karl Robinson

HART Team Leader - NW Ambulance Service

Safe contractor approved

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