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Course Summary

  • The course is designed to train persons who have been nominated by their line manage/sponsor to enable them to attain the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) competence.
  • The COSS competence will be held by anyone who is required to set up a safe system of work on or the line for a group (two or more people). A COSS can also carry out the duties of an IWA, provided there are no medical restrictions that would prevent this.
  • The COSS course will take delegates through the procedures set out in the Rule Book, Handbook 6 (General Duties of an IWA), Handbook 7 (General duties of a controller of site safety (COSS), Handbook 8 (IWA,COSS or PC blocking a line), Handbook 10 (Duties of the COSS and person in charge of a hand trolley) and Handbook 13 (Duties of the person in charge of the siding).
  • The course includes the importance of using the correct communication protocols and adopting the appropriate behaviours to be able to carry out this role safely and effectively.

Pre-Requisite Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18.
  • Meets the entry requirements of PTS Competence
  • Good level of literacy required
  • Must hold a valid Sentinel Track Safety Card and meet the requirements of NR/L2/CTM/021 – Competence and Training in Track Safety.
  • Meet the medical requirements of Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/00124 Competence Specific Fitness Medical Requirements.
  • In addition, the requirements of Network Rail Standard NR/L1/OHS/051 (Drugs & Alcohol) must be met.
  • The Pre-COSS workbook needs to be completed and the Sponsor must register the completion of the Pre-COSS workbook with Sentinel.
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